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With an uncertain job market, record-high inflation, and an influx of low-paying office jobs available, many people are shifting their focus to careers in the trade industry as an alternative. While many have overlooked this industry in the past, people are recognizing the considerable benefits of a career in the trades.

There are several advantages of working as a professional in the skilled trade industry that people do not talk about — but they should. Careers in the trade industry are fulfilling, pay well, and continue to increase in demand as the labor shortage drags on.

JAC Services is one of the companies in the Charleston area looking for new HVAC technicians to join their team and grow their careers in the industry. Not only is JAC Services well-known in the local trade industry, but they are willing to go above and beyond for their employees to ensure that they are on the path to success.

In this article, we will overview the top five advantages of a career in the trade industry and why it might be a perfect fit for you:

Job Security 

Jobs in the trade industry cannot be outsourced like many others because a physical person is required to complete the job at hand. Skilled Trades Partners sums it up in their article: “The trades in the US require a trained American citizen with a valid SSN, or a valid green card holder, to put their hands on the tools and materials to get the job done.”

While jobs in information, technology, or customer service sectors can be contracted to offshore workers or replaced by AI technology, careers requiring hands-on work cannot. Therefore, working in this industry can give you peace of mind that your job will not be outsourced.

Good, Stable Pay 

The trade industry offers a high average salary, which means tradespeople make a consistent income on most — if not all — sides of the spectrum. Even at the beginning of your career, it is possible to make a good income in the trade industry due to the shortage of workers pushing up the wages.

Further, there is room for growth as one develops their skills in a trade career. The Washington Post reports that a career as an HVAC technician is among the most lucrative trades. This article states, “The median salary for HVAC technicians is around $48,630 per year, which still keeps HVAC technician near the top of the list of highest paying traditional trades.”


Obtaining certifications can transform a regular trade worker into a skilled worker and open more doors in the industry for jobs and income potential. The more certifications obtained, the more money the worker can make, and the more opportunities arise for advancement.

JAC Services offers to help their employees with education and certifications so they can grow and advance in the company and in their careers. If you are looking for a job opportunity with growth, JAC Services could be the perfect starting point for your career in the trade industry.

Trade School is Less Expensive — And Shorter 

If a certification is necessary for advancement in a certain trade, attending trade school is the best option to obtain that certification. Trade school is not always a necessity, either, because you can start this career without education and work your way up if no certifications are required for that particular job.

Another factor to consider when considering trade school over a different type of career is the potential cost of traditional education. While there are many advantages to obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree, the cost of that education is one major pitfall that is now deterring young people from a college education. The cost of tuition has increased significantly, leading many to search for more affordable education options. Choosing a trade school over college can save you a lot of money since it is less expensive. Additionally, trade school programs usually take only six months to two years to complete, making it a quicker option.

Not everyone is suited for traditional college, and an increasing number of people recognize that there are numerous alternative paths to a successful career outside of the college path.

Demand of Tradespeople 

In the coming years, there will be more demand for people in the trade industries than ever due to the labor shortage. The job market in the trade industry, on the other hand, is stable and consistently has job openings. Within the next 15 years, many workers in this field will be retiring, which means there will be many new career opportunities available.

According to Malco Products, “Over 30% of the current workforce is over 50 years old.” With so many people soon to retire from the workforce, many jobs will become available for those looking to enter the trades. Skilled trade jobs have far less competition than office jobs, so you have a better chance of landing a great opportunity at a company such as JAC Services than you may have when applying to an office setting.

For many years, there have been misunderstandings about working in the trades. However, the typical stereotypes are no longer applicable as tradespeople are sought after and make a solid income that rivals other careers. According to a 2021 Skilled Trades Report, “83 percent of skilled tradespeople are either somewhat or extremely satisfied in their choice of work.”

If you are considering a career in the trades, JAC Services can answer all your questions and help set you on the path to success. JAC Services is a great company to start working at if you are looking for this type of career. They offer great benefits, room for growth, and a family environment where you can feel secure. Whether you are an entry-level or experienced technician, there is room for your skill set at JAC Services.

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