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JAC Services is one of the most well-known and reputable HVAC companies in the Summerville, South Carolina, area for all of the right reasons. With almost fifteen years of expert service under our belt, JAC Services has worked hard to build our reputation and will continue to grow and adapt to the needs of our clients so that we can always provide the best service possible.

Our clients trust us to complete any HVAC job — big or small — with the utmost care and dedication. Our dependable service and expert installation experts make us stand out from the competition, and we continue to work hard for our clients each and every day.

While our customers are aware of the things that make us different, however, there are some benefits of JAC Services that even many of our regular clients aren’t aware of. Since some of these benefits aren’t necessarily common knowledge, we want to expand on these benefits so that our customers can have a more comprehensive view of our team and how we operate.

In this article, we will explain four of the surprising benefits of working with JAC Services that you probably didn’t know before now:

1. No Commissions on Services or Sales For Our Techs

Most HVAC technicians work almost solely on commission, which means they may feel encouraged to up-sell services or recommend options without being fully transparent to the customer on the reasoning behind their recommendation. In fact, some companies will up-sell a customer for no reason at all other than for the extra commission. However, that’s not the case for the technicians at JAC Services because they make an honest hourly salary and see no commissions on sales.

Why do the technicians at JAC Services not work on commission? There’s a simple reason why JAC Services operates differently than other companies, and that is so their workers have no incentive to over-sell you on particular services or recommend something you do not need for your home or business.

Since there is no motive to sell unnecessary services, the technicians at JAC Services operate with honesty, integrity, and transparency in all of their servicing. Our honest practices are yet another reason why customers trust us over other HVAC companies in the area.

2. Financing Available!

Many companies offer client financing options so that their customers may pay for a product or service in installments instead of paying the full amount upfront. This option can be beneficial when a product or service is expensive and the customer cannot afford to pay for the entire thing at once. Especially with HVAC services, many people are not prepared for such a hefty expense, which means they may need to finance the service. Many HVAC companies promote their financing options for big-ticket services, but JAC differs from the norm in this case.

While JAC Services also has financing packages available to their clients, they do not promote these services as much as some other companies. Why is that? One reason why JAC Services does not actively promote its financing plans is because we aren’t trying to sell a financing package — we are selling our excellent service. We do not want to potentially uncharge you for a finance agreement, and instead we want to give you quality service. Financing HVAC Services can also complicate a business and customer relationship because of the additional risk to the company, and JAC Services wants to keep our business as reputable and as easy-to-navigate as possible for our customer relationships.

3. Family-owned and operated

Family comes first for the team at JAC Services. We are owned and operated by Tommy Freeman and his family, and appreciate the importance of family-owned businesses to the city we serve. Above all, we are a locally owned business with a reputation for excellent service. And that is what we will always strive to be. Founded by a tight-knit family, we continue to operate as a proud, family-owned business while continuing our growth in the city of Summerville and beyond.

Since we will always be a family business at heart, we are determined to maintain that dynamic with our employees and how we operate with our customers. We treat everyone we come into contact with as if they were family.

However, we also plan to continue growing and expanding as a company. This growth and dedication means that we will always strive to do more and be better than we were before. Whether we introduce new services, financing options, or customer relations, we will always try to be the best company we can be for our employees and clients.

4. Residential and commercial services

JAC Services started as a commercial-only HVAC company, but our clients appreciated our amazing service so much that they asked us to service their homes as well. And we were happy to oblige! So, we quickly sprouted additional services to include residential homes alongside our commercial services. Now, we proudly serve all HVAC areas of residential homes, commercial properties, and refrigeration servicing. Who knows what more we will introduce in the future to help better serve our community!

Summerville, South Carolina, has been the home of JAC Services since 2006, and we are happy to say that we aren’t slowing down any time soon. This article listed four of our lesser-known benefits, but there are more where that came from. If you are looking for an honest HVAC company with strong family values, then JAC Services is the right company for you and all of your HVAC needs!

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