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Whether your heating system is in need of a quick tuneup or just a regular check up, our team of experts can help ensure your system is ready to handle the winter temperatures ahead of us this season.

Weather in the lowcountry can be unpredictable, sometimes even more so during the chilly months of the year. While the fall may bring winds, rain, cool mornings and warm afternoons, winter weather can be just as up and down. As winter quickly approaches, it’s important to make sure your home is ready for whatever this season throws its way.

While winters in the lowcountry may not get the snow and frost of states further north, homeowners still need to be prepared for cooler temperatures. In fact, homeowners in the south may be more likely to get caught off guard by winter weather because it often sneaks up on this part of the country. One day we’re experiencing slightly chilly fall weather and the next day temperatures are below freezing! We know how important it is for homeowners to be ready for whatever weather winter brings this year. With all that this season throws our way – holidays, house guests, family gatherings and breaks from school, we recommend the following tips to help ensure your home is equipped to keep you comfortable all season long!

Check Your Home’s Heating System

Maintaining your home’s HVAC system is key to its longevity. In general, most systems will last for around 12 to 15 years, but some systems may even last up to 20 years. How long your particular system lasts depends heavily on how well it is maintained throughout its life. Regular, consistent maintenance, like routinely changing your system’s filters is important to keep your system healthy. A lot of homeowners make the mistake of only checking on their home’s HVAC system before or during the sweltering months of summer. While the heat in the lowcountry throughout the summer months can definitely be taxing on your system, it’s still critical to have your home’s system checked in preparation for cold winter weather as well.

We can check out your home’s system and perform any necessary maintenance that may be required to ensure it’s able to keep up with the new demands of winter. Having these checks performed before there’s an issue will not only support the longevity of your system, but it will also help you avoid a system breakdown. Afterall, no one wants to find out their furnace doesn’t work the morning guests are arriving or the day of a big holiday dinner.

Seal Exterior Cracks

While having an HVAC system that can keep up with the demands of winter is crucial, it’s also important to make sure your system isn’t doing more work than it has to by sealing any cracks in your home. The better your home can store heat, the more efficient your HVAC system will be at keeping your home at a comfortable temperature this season. As homes age, caulking and weather stripping around windows and doors tends to wear. The breakdown of these barriers increases drafts at and around your home’s entry points.

If you notice temperature variations throughout your home, this might be a sign that there are cracks affecting the efficiency of your home’s HVAC system. For example, if your guest room tends to feel chillier than other parts of your house or part of your living room never feels warm enough in the winter, then these may be signs that cold air is getting in and warm air is leaking out of your home. Caulking and adding or replacing weather stripping around entry points throughout your home will help minimize cold air getting into your home and help your HVAC system go further this winter!

Clean Your Gutters

Everyone loves to see the beautiful fall foliage, especially the leaves as they change color. However, after these leaves transform into their beautiful shades they’re dropped from trees, littering our yards, roofs and walkways. While they may seem innocuous, these fallen leaves can easily clog your roof’s gutters, posing a threat as temperatures begin to drop. A gutter that’s clogged with leaf debris won’t be able to properly drain water off and away from your roof. Additionally, leaves tend to trap this water in gutters and when the temperatures drop this water will freeze. To help ensure your gutters last through the season, stay on top of clearing your gutters of all leaf debris. This will help ensure that your gutters are able to work properly this season and will help you avoid having to deal with frozen gutters this winter.

Assess Trees Surrounding Your Home

We may not get have white Christmases in the lowcountry, but freezing rain and ice are not uncommon this time of year. Freezing rain can be hazardous to our homes for many reasons, one of which being the threat it poses to trees. Now is a good time of year to assess the trees surrounding your home. An ice storm can easily weigh down and snap weakened or dead trees and branches. Even just a fallen branch can wreak havoc on your home if it strikes your porch, siding, roof or a window. This is why it’s best to address weak trees and dying limbs before ice threatens to take them down. If you have any trees surrounding your home, it’s best to consult with a professional tree service that can make the proper recommendations to keep your home safe this season. It’s best to deal with this type of potential issue before winter weather starts to roll in.

As winter and the holiday season quickly approaches, it can be easy to let prepping your home for winter fall off your to-do list. However, getting your home prepared for winter now will help ensure you have a comfortable home to enjoy this season and prevent any unexpected malfunctions from interrupting your holiday plans. Whether your heating system is in need of a quick tuneup or just a regular check up, our team of experts can help ensure your system is ready to handle the winter temperatures ahead of us this season.

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