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In the Lowcountry our summers may not technically be longer, but they sure feel like it. With the high heat and humidity that each summer season in this region comes with it’s all the more important to be prepared for these warmer months.

No matter what your plans for summer are, there are certain things you should have on your list in order to help ensure your home is ready to withstand these upcoming months and keep you and your family enjoying the heat comfortably. At JAC Services we know firsthand what can happen when your home isn’t adequately prepared. Summer problems, like your air conditioner going out, can pop up unexpectedly. In order to avoid a potential melt-down, we encourage every homeowner to do certain things each season to help ensure your home is ready to take on these hotter months.

1. Clean the gutters

Now that the winter chill is completely gone it’s time to check on how your home’s gutters are doing. If you haven’t cleaned them in a while your gutters are likely filled with debris and leaves leftover from the previous seasons. In order to ensure your gutters are working properly and able to handle the summer showers it’s important to clean them out. If heights aren’t your thing this can easily be outsourced to the professionals.

2. Inspect siding

If your home has wood shingles or siding then inspecting it yearly can help maintain it for longer. The summer is a good time to inspect your home’s siding for any rot that might have occurred during the colder months and repair as needed. You also may want to take this time to touch up any chipped paint spots or areas where the staining has faded.

3. Clean off the deck and patio

There’s nothing like getting outside and entertaining backyard guests during summer so you’ll want to make sure your patio and deck are ready. We may not get snow in the lowcountry, but your deck and patio furniture are still likely covered with debris leftover from the winter and will almost definitely still have some of that spring pollen on them. Use a pressure washer or even just a hose to rinse off surfaces and be sure to get in the corners where stuff likes to accumulate. Give your outdoor furniture a good cleaning and maybe even spruce it up with some additional decor or plants. You’ll be glad you took the time to do these things when you’re able to enjoy your outdoor spaces with company.

4. Examine the windows and doors

Summer is also a great time to show your windows a little love. Examine the windows throughout your home and caulk any gaps to prevent the summer heat from getting in and the cool A/C from getting out. If it’s been a while since you’ve checked you may also want to make sure that the mechanics of each window are working and note any that are sticking or loose. Now may also be a great time to give your windows a good cleaning. Even if they don’t look visibly dirty, there’s likely a film of grime or pollen that’s making your windows appear a little dull.

After you’ve taken care of your windows you’ll want to check out your exterior doors – especially the front door if it’s the most commonly-used one. Examine the weather stripping around each door and make sure it’s still secure. Caulk any gaps to better seal your home and tighten hinges that may have loosened due to fluctuations in temperature over the recent months.

5. Clean walkways and driveway

Now is also a good time to revamp your home’s curb appeal a little with some basic maintenance and cleaning. Pressure-wash your home’s walkways to clear dirt and grime and replace any pavers or bricks that are damaged. Secure loose bricks and pavers to ensure your walkways are stable and safe. You can even use masonry crack filler to repair cracks on concrete walkways! Use these same methods on your driveway and you’ll notice a big difference in your home’s curb appeal.

6. Get your HVAC system serviced

If you plan on enjoying your summer then staying cool is a must! Summers in the lowcountry can be very hot and you don’t want to struggle with your air conditioning not working at full efficiency – or worse – unexpectedly breaking down! Having your HVAC system inspected and cleaned each year is critical to helping it last longer and perform better. Our system checks will ensure that your HVAC unit is running efficiently and will catch potential issues before they become a problem.


Call JAC at (843) 863-0465 for our $69 HVAC preventative maintanence checkup!

Call JAC at (843) 863-0465 for our $69 HVAC preventative maintanence checkup!

Having your HVAC system regularly serviced is the best way to prevent problems in the future. Regular cleanings and checks will catch smaller issues before they become bigger problems and will end up saving you the cost, headache and stress of a bigger problem happening unexpectedly. The last thing you want is for your A/C to stop working during the hottest days of the year.

7. Check the fence

If you have a fenced-in backyard it’s worth checking on it every few months. Examine the perimeter and take note of any loose or rotted posts. Replace the rotten posts and test your fence’s stability in the ground by giving it a good pull. If you have pets, the peace of mind of knowing you have a secure and sturdy fence will be well worth it this summer.

8. Spruce up landscaping

With everything in full bloom the summer is a great time to spruce up landscaping with a little TLC. Add new mulch to flower beds, apply weed killer where needed and trim back anything that has become overgrown. Taking the time to do this at the beginning of the summer will make it easier to maintain as things continue to grow.

Get the most out of your summer this year and avoid frustrations by performing regular maintenance and checks around your home. And of course, contact JAC Services at (843) 863-0465 to schedule your $69 preventative maintenance HVAC system check to ensure you don’t lose your cool this summer!

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