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Summer in the Lowcountry is big, so during the next few high-traffic months, it’s crucial for all businesses in the area to operate as efficiently as possible. Of all the businesses in the area, you could argue that it’s especially important for restaurants to make sure they’re operating at maximum efficiency in order to capitalize on the next few months.

Whether you’re running a newly-opened restaurant and still trying to get your footing down, you’re a little rusty after the past few years, or you’re just trying to stay on top of your game, it’s important that your restaurant operates smoothly throughout the peak season. With all of the traffic in the area, any hiccups can hurt your business – not just during the season, but even for the remainder of the year. With crowds expected to be high this summer, restaurants of all types can benefit from paying a little extra attention to their operations this year. Keep reading for some helpful tips and reminders to help ensure your restaurant continues running smoothly this season so you can maximize the business that will be coming your way this summer!

1. Check Your HVAC Systems

If you live in the South then you know how critical air conditioning is during the summer months. People usually aren’t eager to eat in a hot, sticky restaurant, so you want your eatery to offer patrons a cooling break from the humidity and heat outside. Keep in mind that the hotter the temperature outside, the harder your HVAC system has to work to keep your restaurant cool, so the last thing you want is for your HVAC system to give out on you in the middle of business or fail to provide dependable cooling. Our team of experts can perform system checks on your restaurant’s entire HVAC system to ensure it is working correctly and able to keep up with the increased demand of summer. Forgoing essential maintenance and checkups isn’t worth the risk, so let us help ensure you don’t have equipment breakdowns and downtimes this summer!

2. Get (and Stay) Organized

Every business has its busy times, but restaurants are notoriously demanding and fast-faced workplaces. When running a restaurant, it’s safe to say that you always have something you want to do and things that need to be done, and you likely rarely have the time to cross everything off your list. All that being said, maintaining high levels of organization in your restaurant can make a major difference between stumbling through the peak season and skating through it successfully. It may seem small, but just simply keeping a daily, weekly and monthly to-do list can help ensure you and your team stay on track. Refer to your list everyday to make sure your priorities are still the same and assign tasks to your staff regularly. After a few weeks of doing this you’ll realize the difference a little organization has on your efficiency.

3. Continue Training

To keep your restaurant running smoothly it’s of course important to train your staff when they start. However, what helps a great restaurant stand out from the others usually comes down to the staff and the service. If you want your team operating at their best and serving as a main differentiator for your restaurant, ongoing training is a must. Rather than train your staff once and then be done, regularly check in with your staff to make sure they’re sticking to what you taught them. Take it a step further by offering staff members the opportunity to learn more about the areas they show particular interest and skill in. Ongoing training and investment in your team not only keeps everyone’s skills sharp and your customers happy, but it will also help you retain your talented team so you can avoid slowdowns due to turnover.

4. Streamline Your Operations

Having the right systems and processes in place can go a long way in helping your business operate smoothly and efficiently. Optimizing and integrating your POS and payment systems can help reduce human error when keying in orders. This type of integration can also make it easier to keep track of your inventory and close-out each night resulting in major time savings!

5. Develop Your Online Presence

Today, an online presence is critical for every business to succeed and if you want people to know about your restaurant then it’s crucial to be where they’re searching. To really take advantage of the traffic over the next few months, make sure your website has the love it needs to stand out and attract new business. Little things like having an online menu and pictures of your food go a long way in attracting customers!

6. Check Your Refrigeration Systems

Summer in the Lowcountry is no joke and with the sweltering temperatures we regularly face the last thing you want is for your restaurant’s refrigeration system to malfunction – or even worse – completely stop. High temperatures mean your refrigeration units will be working harder than usual so it’s important to make sure that they’re able to handle the increased strain. Our skilled team can provide your restaurant with a comprehensive check up on all of your refrigeration systems to ensure they’re in good shape and able to handle the season to come. A malfunctioning or broken down refrigeration system can wreak havoc on your business and not only cause massive amounts of stress for you and your team, but can also ruin inventory and even force your restaurant to close while equipment is restored. Preventative maintenance on your major systems is key in ensuring your business runs smoothly and our team can help with that.

As you juggle the many demands of operating a busy restaurant in the Lowcountry during peak season, we hope these tips help you prioritize and prepare. Getting your team, business and procedures ready for this busy season will help ensure your restaurant has a successful and smooth summer.

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