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Looking for your next career move? Our business, JAC Services, has been a respected business in the Summerville, South Carolina area for over a decade. For professionals in the HVAC industry, finding a company that’s established, family-oriented and able to do the kind of growth that we’ve done since 2006 when we were founded is often a tall order.

Whether you’re just starting out in the industry or you have decades of experience under your belt, finding a company that you can be proud to work for isn’t always easy. At JAC Services we strive to give our  employees a work environment that they can thrive in as well as being a company they can be proud of. We work with both commercial and residential clients throughout the area and our customers range from large corporations to small mom and pop stores and residential homes.

If you’re actively looking for a new place to take your skills, or even if you’re just open to new opportunities, we give prospective employees  plenty of reasons to consider joining our team. From our company culture to our continued growth, joining our team means that you’re in for years of success to come.

Best of Both Worlds 

Too often these days professionals have to decide between working for a local business that feels like a family or joining a large company with competitive benefits, but little interaction with leaders. We’re working on making that decision easier on HVAC professionals by running a business that is capable of offering the best of both of these worlds.

Founded in 2006 by a tight-knit family, we continue to operate as a proud, family-owned business while continuing our growth. Throughout the years we’ve received offers from larger companies to purchase our business, but we know no one will treat our employees like we do. As we’ve grown, we haven’t eliminated what makes working for a family business so meaningful, but instead we’ve tried to add what often draws people to bigger companies: competitive pay, technology and a resilient business model.

We aim to give employees a career that can grow with them, whether that means continued training courses as new technology comes out or more flexibility as they start a family or take on new passions. We offer extremely competitive benefits, perks and compensation so you don’t have to compromise on what you want from your employer. As a family-owned business we see our employees as people, with lives, families and hobbies outside of work, not just a faceless badge ID number.

Even though we want to remain a family-owned business, we don’t want to be content in our growth and we’re always striving to do more. Whether that means acquiring more customers, introducing new  services or expanding into new markets. In short, joining the JAC Services team gives you the feeling of working for a family-owned  business without having to compromise on benefits, training or growth.

Trusted Name 

If you’re in the HVAC industry, then you know that not all HVAC companies are created equally. At JAC Services, we’ve spent years building our  reputation and name within the community. We have long-standing relationships with customers of all sizes and the loyalty of our  customers has been proven time and time again. Our relationships are so strong with our customers, in fact, that even as they move around to other companies, they bring us with them, refer us to colleagues and continue to show trust in our work and our team.

Continued Learning 

When considering your next career move continued education and training is probably something you’re looking for. Some companies will leave that completely up to you and won’t give you the opportunity or time to continue building and honing your skills. Our company, on the other hand, will not only be okay with you taking time to continue learning,  but we’ll even provide it!

We offer on-going training for our team – whether that be in the form of offsite training at a  manufacturer’s factory, hosting classroom training ourselves or sending  our service technicians to available classroom training opportunities. We believe your continued training is not only important to your  individual career development, but to our overall success as well.

Resilient Business 

The struggles of the COVID-19 pandemic over the past year have made companies realize the importance of adapting and being resilient. Prior to COVID, a lot of our customer base consisted of restaurants and  businesses in the hospitality industry and as we all know, these  industries took a huge hit in 2020. Rather than panic or idly watch our  business dwindle, we quickly pivoted and focused our efforts on other customer segments of our business.

We’ve been fortunate enough to grow the residential services side of our business during this crazy time and it’s helped us not only survive this challenging time, but even begin to thrive. As an HVAC industry professional it’s important to put  the future of your career in the hands of a business that’s capable of adapting to even the most unforeseen circumstances. We worked hard throughout the pandemic to identify new customers our business could reach when our usual customers were no longer operating like they used  to.

Room to Grow 

Our aim is to continue growing our business, reaching new markets and bringing our services to new customers. Choosing JAC Services for your next career move will not only  put you at a trusted, family-owned company, but it will also introduce you to a tight-knit team that continues to grow despite all of the challenges that has been thrown at it over the past year. We’ve shown consistent growth throughout our history and we have no intentions of  slowing down now.

As you contemplate your next career move, we hope you will consider joining the team here at JAC Services. We believe that our supportive culture combined with our resilient business and opportunities for continued learning will make the move to our team one you won’t regret.

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