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Proper indoor ventilation is essential for any home or business to ensure good air quality, but certain buildings are more prone to ventilation issues than others. For example, there is often poor ventilation in restaurants and historic homes because of how and when the building was constructed. Especially in the South, humidity and high temperatures can cause catastrophes in buildings if they are not properly ventilated. And unfortunately, this is a problem that occurs far too often because many HVAC systems go too long without inspection.

While most people do not think about their ventilation system often, HVAC professionals urge people to get their systems checked regularly to ensure there are no issues or poor air flow. Poor ventilation in your home or business can lead to many problems, ranging from high energy bills to dangerous health issues. These are some of the reasons why it is important to have an HVAC expert check your system regularly for potential risks and act accordingly to ensure proper air quality.

Another consequence of not regularly inspecting your HVAC system is that it can eventually cause major damage to your home or business. Expensive damage can occur through mold, warped wood, roof issues, and more. That is why it is critical to look for the warning signs that signal a ventilation problem and act fast if there are any red flags.

While there are many warning signs that can point to a ventilation problem, there are three top indicators of poor ventilation to look out for in your home or business.

Dust, Dust, and More Dust

Do you find yourself dusting every week only for more dust to appear just a few days after cleaning? If your home or business seems to acquire dust quicker than it should, this is a common sign of a ventilation problem.

If your air ducts are not regularly cleaned, dust and allergens can accumulate and circulate through your home or business. It is common for there to be some dust accumulation in your vents, but if too much dust accrues, the HVAC system cannot properly ventilate heat and air through the building. Instead of clean air, dust and allergens get pushed back into the building and into your lungs.

When your HVAC system cannot work correctly to the point where excessive dust accumulates, you consequently breathe in toxic substances such as insect decay, human skin, pet dander, lead, and more. If that is not scary enough, scientists believe other contaminants can circulate through the building, causing cancer and other illnesses. Since people typically spend the majority of their lives indoors, good ventilation can help prevent prolonged exposure to the contaminants that lead to health issues.

While poor ventilation and dust accumulation may not seem like a big deal on the surface, you should alleviate a dust issue as soon as possible so pollutants can not cause harm.

Smelly Smells

If you can still smell the salmon that you cooked three days ago, even though you cleaned up the mess, there is a chance that you have poor ventilation in your home. If you have ever walked into a building and it smelled stale or moldy, that is another sign pointing to a ventilation issue. Odors, especially unpleasant ones, tend to stick around longer than they should when there is poor ventilation because they sink into our clothes, furniture, and carpets/rugs. Stale, musty, or bad smells can be difficult to get rid of, especially if there is not an adequate ventilation system to push those odors out.

Lingering smells often signal bad ventilation in your building because it means that fresh air can’t come through the system enough to push any old smells and contaminants out. While stale air itself may not be particularly harmful, the pollutants in the air can be, which is why it important to address this issue when it occurs.

Proper ventilation dilutes any possible contaminants, such as allergens, carbon dioxide, dirt, dust, and more. When there is a lack of ventilation, those contaminants linger in the air and can cause sickness and poor health to those living and/or working in that environment.

If there is a stale or particularly pungent smell in your home that you cannot seem to get rid of, it may be time to call an HVAC specialist for a visit to your home.

High Energy Bills

Does your energy bill seem to get more and more expensive? Even though you turn off the lights and try not to mess with the thermostat, it seems like you cannot lower your energy bill? If this rings true for you, there is a chance your ventilation system is not working how it is supposed to, or you may have the wrong type of system for your home or business. If your HVAC is outdated, dirty, or simply the wrong size for the building, it has to work harder to keep your home at the proper temperature, causing higher energy bills and stress. For example, if it is overly hot in a commercial kitchen, that is a sign that there is either a ventilation blockage or the wrong HVAC system.

Proper ventilation will not only lower your energy bills, but it will also improve the overall indoor air quality of your home or business.

To ensure good air quality, especially in a large building, the HVAC system must be powerful enough to push air through all areas of the home or business. Many homes also have additional mechanical systems to add to the flow, but without the correct HVAC ventilation system, there will always be air flow problems. Stoves and bathrooms also need special venting that can remove the pollution they produce. Since the average person does not know the the ins and outs of proper HVAC ventilation, it is important to hire a professional, such as the experts at JAC Services, to ensure good air quality in your home or business.

How Can JAC Services Help?

If you are worried about the air quality in your home or business, it is important to seek professional help from a HVAC company, like JAC Services, so they can come and inspect your home or business. JAC Services can inspect your space, check the ducts to ensure they are not clogged, and make sure that any possible ventilation issues are brought to your attention so they can be remedied.

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